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Nature in Mind

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Welcome to Webbedfoot Designs, Inc.,
a carbon neutral corporation.
As a design and consulting non-profit we help you achieve the ecological landscape that you desire. Webbedfoot Designs promotes the use of local native plant species in landscape design. From pocket pollinator gardens to rain gardens and broad restoration projects, we design landscapes with nature in mind. Our designs create pleasing patterns while supporting pollinators, butterflies and other wildlife.


We believe that landscapes need to do far more than please our senses. They need to integrate with the original plants and animals of our local natural communities. They must support native organisms that have been pushed aside and provide beneficial ecological services including water management, pollution reduction and pollinator resources that strengthen the living community that sustains us.

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Rattlesnake Master

Our Services



  • Select Ohio native plant material

  • Create scale drawing

  • List plant species and quantities

  • Compose customized work plan

  • Review with client



  • Site Visit and Feasibility Study

  • Create base map of property

  • Measure hard surfaces that source water to rain garden

  • Evaluate slope

  • Recognize potential hazards

  • Locate underground utilities

  • Assess client needs and expectations


Project Support

  • Orient client / crew

  • Review work plan

  • Inspect workmanship

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