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About Webbedfoot Designs, Inc.

Webbedfoot Designs, Inc.

is a not-for-profit corporation. We promote the use of native perennials, trees and shrubs, both residential and commercial scales. Webbedfoot Designs provides education, consultation and custom designs of pollinator gardens, rain gardens and restorations that assure safety, aesthetics and ecologically sound landscapes. Other related activities may advance broader ecological functions including;

  • protection of lakes, rivers and creeks or other bodies of water from pollution,

  • recharge of ground water,

  • expanding use of native plants in landscape design, and

  • expansion of natural habitats that provide food and shelter for wildlife especially birds, butterflies and beneficial insects.

Carbon Neutral

One of the business expenses that is often ignored is its carbon footprint. Any endeavor is bound to consume energy with office overhead and travel in the normal course of business. Our goal is to reduce and offset carbon consumption in every way possible. We aim to operate in a manner that is Earth friendly. Our office is powered with solar panels, waste is properly recycled or composted and our end product, native landscapes, create carbon sinks with the use of deep-rooted native perennial plants. This is especially so where new native landscapes replace lawns.

Ray Stewart portrait

Hello, My name is Raymond Stewart

I am a Certified Master Rain Gardener, Certified Interpretive Guide, retired Science Teacher, Ohio Wetlands Association Founder, Past President and Ambassador. As lead designer at Webbedfoot Designs, Inc., I am a Botanist, an experienced Landscape Manager and Naturalist. My suburban1/4 acre lot is 35% vegetable and flower garden with rain gardens and rain barrels managing runoff from most hard surfaces. I create landscape designs with style and substance, beautiful spaces that also function as natural ecosystems.

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